Environmental Responsibility

Thinking of future generations.


our committment.

At Andrews Corporate Clothing, we understand that we have a responsibility as a company to take proper care of the environment. This forms an essential part of how we run our business and reflects our support for the principle of ecologically sustainable development.

Through our staff, we have promoted a culture of environmental responsibility, with a focus not only on compliance with legislative and regulatory obligations, but on continual improvement. Not only does this display a duty to the wider community, but it also maximizes the effective use of resources.

advancing the industry.

Recent advances in sustainable textile manufacturing processes have produced a growing range of products that have green credentials. Organic cotton, bamboo derivatives, and recycled PET plastic enable us to provide uniform solutions that contribute to reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.

Even simple steps like introducing easy care garments that can be cold washed, air dried, and are iron free can make a big difference to the environmental impact of your uniforms.

responsible production.

ACC have implemented several production parameters as part of our environmental policy which are reducing our direct impact. We focus on minimal overproduction margins to minimise our waste and any waste produced is used as part of our repurposing and recycling programs.

Unused branded stock and samples can be donated to several charity organizations who export the garments to areas where they can be given away and worn by people in need.